What i Do

Talk About It Mate offers peer support share spaces, well-being workshops & training, and 1-to-1 talk therapy.

Mental Health Awareness Education

With over ten years of experience in Primary Education, I am aware for the need to address a growing Mental Health crisis in children. Following continued growth as now established as a Social Enterprise, I believe Talk About It Mate can provide Mental Health awareness education in schools for young people to begin exploring their feelings and emotions, in a safe environment. I also believe I can personalise this approach for use with a range of different demographics including teens and the elderly.

In addition to this I have delivered a set of Wellbeing Workshops covering a range of topics; from Stress to Self-Care, to members of my MeetUp community. I feel that these workshops can be tailored and modified for use in the workplace to promote greater self-awareness and coping mechanisms. Each session will highlight a new topic related to managing our own mental health, or informing us when supporting others. The sessions involve discussion between group members and some feeding back to the group.

Creating Safe Environements

Group attendees are provided with session materials in a handout which they can take away for future reference for the enhancement of future wellbeing, forming a refresher or reminder of topics covered in the session. Members will be provided with techniques to build their own toolkit, helping them develop resilience and establish coping strategies to improve self-esteem and confidence. Those who attend will also have the opportunity to access future peer-support events.

As a trainee counsellor, I am also looking to establish a small client-base to help me to develop my skills during training. I am available for safe, friendly, non-judgemental 1:1 talk therapy session. If you are interested, then please do not hesitate to get in touch!

I acknowledge that not being able to attend an event is no barrier to accessing the Talk About It Mate community, therefore I produce a regular monthly podcast as well as blog about various topics. Please contact me if you feel you would like to discuss a topic on the podcast or have a blog you would like to submit!

Previous Events & Meetups

Let’s Talk
Regular Peer-Support event @ Cafe Nero, Peter St Manchester

Appearance on ManVFat Podcast Show - Episode 13
December 2018

Appearance on Salford City Radio
April 1st 2019

Appearance at ManVFat Festival
20th July 2019

Chat to a Trainee Counsellor Event
Manchester Central Library

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