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With over ten years’ experience in Primary Education we deliver tailored experiences for each year group as well as packages combining wellbeing with poetry.

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We offer a range of wellbeing workshops along with resource packs structured around different themes as one offs or to make up a wider toolkit of coping skills.

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We can deliver our groups in your space, then train others to facilitate them going forwards.

Why not have us visit your organisation for chats with staff around managing wellbeing in their daily life?

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We provide you and your team with the skills needed to facilitate safe and supportive peer support sessions which can revolutionise the way mental health is discussed within your organisation.

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Peer Mentor

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We have created a six-week course for those wishing to gain more in-depth person centred skills and try them out with skills practice groups.

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Person-Centred Counselling

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There is power in our stories and our founder Mike will use his lived experiences, personal journey and unique authentic energy to motivate and inspire your team and demonstrate achievable, realistic change.

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