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Talk About It Mate

People say men don't talk, but create the right conditions and watch them do it!


Talk About It Mate is a Salford based social enterprise offering creative approaches to mental health and championing peer support in our everyday lives.

Manchester United Kingdom

What is Talk About It Mate?

Talk About It Mate is a peer-support community where people can connect, share and learn from each other. We aim to make mental health as important as physical health. The events provide a comfortable and welcoming safe-space for members of our community to interact without judgement and take steps towards personal growth. Our individual stories have to power to inspire others.

I believe that we are part of a grassroots mental health revolution. Starting with mental health education in schools and then moving into workplace training, the impact Talk About It Mate can have on individual self-awareness and understanding is massive.


It is our hope that the stigma regarding mental health will continue to reduce over the next few years.

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Where are you today?

No matter where on the scale you place, we all have experiences and skills which could be a benefit to our community.

Our peer to peer groups are the perfects setting for sharing our experiences whilst allowing other to develop their own skill set in managing their well-being.

Why not take a look at our services to see how you could get involved in our ever growing community of support.

Mental Health Resources

There are many online, face to face, and telephone mental health resources available.

If you are experiencing a crisis, or require urgent help please click below.

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